• eLearning/Virtual Days at Griffith Public Schools

    “Our learners create, innovate, and can learn anytime, anywhere.”  




  • Schoology not loading on your iPad? Try this:

    Open a Chrome browser on the iPad

    Touch the 3 dots on the top right of that window

    Touch History

    Touch Clear Browsing Data

    Then go to Settings on the iPad

    Scroll down to Safari on the left side

    Then on the right side scroll down to Clear History and Website Data

    Touch Clear

    Restart the iPad. It should work.

  • HMH Issues??

    Turn off Block Pop-ups

    On the iPad, go to Settings

    Scroll down and touch Safari

    Then on the right side, turn off Block Pop-ups

    Restart iPad

  • Zoom Video Conferencing

    Teachers were trained in the video conferencing program Zoom. Your child’s teacher may schedule or reach out to video conference with you and/or your child using the zoom app on the iPad. Zoom will allow face to face instruction and support between teacher and 1 or more students.

    Counselors and other support staff may also be using zoom to reach out to parents and students during this time.


  • Schoology

    All Griffith Public Schools use Schoology as the Learning Managment System (LMS).

    Griffith students should go to griffith.schoology.com to login to their online portal.

    Parents will use schoology.com to login to their online portal.

  • PowerSchool Parent

    1. In your browser, navigate to https://griffith.powerschool.com/public/ and click Parent Sign In
    2. Click Create Account (you will create one account and link each of your children to that one account)
    3. Create a Username and Password with an email that you will remember.
    4. On the next screen link your students to your account by entering the Access ID and Password that you were given. When finished click enter.
    5. After you submit, the next screen should be a confirmation that your account was created and that you can now sign in with the information you just entered.

    Inside the PowerSchool Parent Portal you can view grades, attendance and sign up for notifications.