We are not currently accepting open enrollment applications at this time.


    · What is an “Out-of-District Transfer Student?”

     An eligible transfer student is an Indiana resident residing outside Griffith Public Schools district boundaries.


    · Why is the School Board Accepting Transfer Students in 2016-2017?

     Griffith Public Schools began accepting transfer students in the 2015-2016 school year. Like many area school districts, the Griffith Public Schools has experienced a steady decline in student enrollment since its peak in the 1970’s.   Because the school funding formula is tied to student enrollment, fewer students mean fewer dollars to support the educational program.  A demographic study completed by the Griffith School Board in 2014 projected additional decline in future years.

    By accepting a limited number of transfer students, the district will stabilize enrollment while stabilizing the revenue stream generated by state support of the General Fund.  Additional state dollars mean more resources for the classroom, without adding the local tax burden of a General Fund referendum levy as implemented by other area school districts.  We hope to keep our teachers working, pay them for excellent classroom performance, and continue to provide challenging opportunities to all Griffith students.


    ·How many transfer students will be accepted?

     A maximum of 10 transfer students per grade level (district-wide) will be accepted.  If more enrollment applications are received than available slots, the following statutory process is followed:


    1.Employee children and siblings of current Griffith Public Schools students are assigned.

    2.A public lottery is held for the remaining slots at each grade level.


    ·How will transfer students affect class sizes?

    The maximum of 10 per grade level will be assigned to keep per-class numbers in line with current sections.

    At the elementary level, we have three buildings providing between two and three sections per grade.  Each teacher’s class could therefore have either 1 or 2 more students, assuming a level number of resident enrollments for the 2017-2018 school year. Any decrease in resident enrollment would offset transfer additions, netting no change in class size.  Similar class size impact is projected at the secondary level.


    · How will transfer students be assigned at the elementary level?

    Following summer registration, students will be assigned to elementary schools as needed to maintain level class sizes.


    · Will bus transportation be provided?

    No.  School-provided transportation options are not available to transfer students.


    · Are there student eligibility requirements?

    Eligibility requirements include Indiana residency, plus proof of school policy adherence for the twelve (12) months preceding request for transfer, as outlined in Indiana statute.  (The student has no suspensions, or expulsions exceeding 10 days. The student has not been suspended or expelled for possession of a firearm, deadly weapon or a destructive device causing physical injury to a person. The student has not violated the corporation drug or alcohol rule during the twelve (12) months preceding this transfer request.)                


    · May transfer students participate in Griffith sports and other extra-curricular activities?

    Although students may not seek transfer enrollment for sports as a primary reason, participation is allowed pending approval of the IHSAA Athletic Transfer Report.